This piece is an expression of a love that has been outgrown; a necessary, yet bittersweet, separation.

Inspired by a breakup with my platonic twin flame. In a tarot reading about a significant platonic love, the lovers’ card surfaced with an image of two birds flying side by side. The image that came to mind at that moment was two birds flying in opposite directions with the desire to stay together like the ones on the card. Desiring to be very intentional with the color palette for this piece, I decided to use warm fall colors as fall is a time of transition, and “warm” is how I would describe our connection.


Medium: digital

About my prints:

  • All prints are made and packaged by me.
  •  All prints come signed.
  •  Prints are 11×14″ in size, on quality thick paper with no framing options. 
  • Prints are packaged with a white backing board in a clear protective sleeve. 
  • Original artwork is not for sale.

Additional information

Weight 10.70 oz
Dimensions 14 × 11 in