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Education Services – Ebony With A Vision
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Virtual Private Tutoring

Meet The Educator

Brittany Higgs is a beloved educator with nine years of experience teaching students ages 3 to 18. They are dedicated to creating an encouraging and engaging learning environment by working with students and their support system to create lesson structures that work best for them.


  • Individualized Instruction with personalized curriculum development for reading, writing, ESOL, and elementary math.
  • Free initial consultation addressing student needs and learning goals.
  • Tutoring that focuses on cultivating foundational skills that can be applied to work and activities outside of our lessons.



 Kumon: 8+ years

  • Conducting academic needs evaluations
  • Facilitating Student Assessments
  • 1 on 1 lessons with preschool to high school-aged students

Teacher’s Assistant: 6 months

  • Classroom Management
  • Check-ins with students about academic material

Private Tutoring: 2 years

  • Virtual Individualized Instruction
  • Curriculum/Lesson Plan Development
  • Offering parents lesson summaries
  • Incorporating elements of subjects that will be helpful for school
  • Adjusting my teaching method to match the student’s needs in any given session.

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